“There are two types of homes in Knoxville and the East Tennessee…those with termites…and those that are going to get termites!” Don’t you want to be in the first group and not the second?

Most our area of the country was once heavily wooded with lots of decaying leaves, sticks, tree branches, and fallen trees for termites to feed. However with increasing home construction, and loss of food sources termites will go searching for other options. Unfortunately those other options come in the form of lumber used to construct homes and businesses.

As your home, or business ages the initial protective barrier, or pretreatments are wearing out, no longer fending off the hordes of termites waiting to feast. Village Termite and Pest Control recommends that most every commercial and residential structure should be inspected at least once a year for termites. Village Termite and Pest Control will perform that inspection free of charge, and if any sign of termites exist recommend a course of action to prevent further damage to your structure.